Manipulated urine samples are one of the biggest issues in drug testing. Even under observation, sample manipulation and substitution are common. Observed collections are invasive, inefficient, expensive, and require extensive organizational effort.

UR CodeTM from Marker Test Diagnostics eliminates the observed collection process and false negative results while curbing sample manipulation.

What is UR Code?
UR Code is a soft gel capsule that acts as a marker to “barcode” a person’s urine. This code can only be detected with LC/MS/MS chromatography. Neither the person providing the sample or the soft gel provider can predict which UR Code combination is given. Marking a person’s sample with UR Code eliminates the need for observed collections and reduces the possibility of sample manipulation.

How UR Code Works
• The test person takes the UR Code capsule under supervision
• UR Code is absorbed, not metabolized and quickly cleared through the kidneys
• 30 minutes later, urine can be collected without supervision
• The laboratory verifies whether the urine contains the correct UR Code combination

UR Code Safety

UR Code is comprised of polyethylene glycols (PEGs), which have been used for more than 50 years in the pharmaceutical industry in virtually all classes of medication. Categorized as an inactive ingredient by the FDA, PEGs have no known side effects, and are not naturally found in urine.

With UR Code:
• Medical professionals can make better treatment decisions and reduce medication errors
• Insurance companies can more accurately evaluate prospective clients
• Sports leagues can ensure eligibility and fairness of competition among athletes
• Addiction centers can ensure patients are drug-free while under their care
• Justice system workers can properly sentence and rehabilitate drug offenders
• Pain management clinics can curb illegal distribution of prescription drugs
• Employers can promote a safe and drug-free work environment
• Pharmaceutical companies can protect their brand image through risk mitigation

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Benefits of UR Code
• Eliminates false negative results
• Prevents urine substitution
• Eliminates observed collections
• Improves drug testing efficiency
• Prevents sample manipulations
• Easily administered by any trained individual