Reveal® G4

 Test. Results. Treatment. And the patient never left. 

Reveal® G4 is the next generation of rapid testing for HIV using MedMira’s patented Rapid Vertical Flow (RVF) Technology™. Able to provide instant results (5 times faster than any lateral flow test) in three steps using fingerstick whole blood, Reveal G4 allows healthcare professionals at point-of-care settings to test easily for HIV, deliver clear results, and begin treatment immediately if needed. 

 Point of Care 

Now with fingerstick whole blood applications, Reveal G4 is the solution for fast and easy testing at point-of-care settings:

 • Public Health Programs 
• Voluntary Testing & Counseling Centers 
• Pharmacies & Physicians’ Offices 
• Immigration Screening 
• Workplace Wellness Programs 
• Military Medical Units 
• Convenience Care Clinics 
• Correctional Facilities 
• Displaced Populations Camps 
• Emergency Department & First Responders 
• Mobile Clinics 

 According to the CDC, more than 55% of patients tested are discharged before receiving their HIV test results. For patients, the anxiety of awaiting results is eliminated with real-time results, encouraging regular testing, more awareness of HIV status, and better patient outcomes. Potential patient counseling and treatment can begin immediately. Post-exposure treatment, if begun quickly, can reduce the risk of HIV transmission, and fewer patients slip through the cracks due to the need for follow-up with a potentially at-risk population.


Technology and Performance 

Testing whole blood specimens with Reveal G4 provides a higher degree of accuracy than some traditional, more time-consuming laboratory tests: 

                                               Sensitivity         Specificity 
Whole Blood (Fingerstick)       99.64%                99.71% 


Reveal G4 is the latest application of MedMira’s patented Rapid Vertical Flow (RVF) Technology for U.S. customers—allowing for the testing of whole blood specimens in addition to serum and plasma. This product builds upon the performance of MedMira’s Reveal product line, which enjoyed excellent clinical performance in rigorous evaluations and inspections and consistently ranks as a leading choice in rapid HIV tests for U.S. hospitals. Additionally, research demonstrates that MedMira’s rapid HIV test detects early infection better than other rapid tests and closely matches the performance of much more complicated enzyme immunoassay tests 

About MedMira 

MedMira’s patented Rapid Vertical Flow (RVF) Technology delivers fast, accurate results in a range of applications. Our products help care providers and their patients know more, instantly. MedMira’s rapid tests are manufactured in a cGMP facility with a quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003. 

This technology has delivered clinical performance in rigorous evaluations, and achieved approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in October of 2015.